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The story I styled and produced for PAPERMAG's April issue is now online! (Angel Rose)

Unfortunately for women athletes, you can’t be too masculine for fear you’ll be called a lesbian. You can’t be too aggressive for fear that you will be called ‘mannish.’ You must be an outdated stereotype of a woman before you are an athlete. You must market yourself as nonthreatening and blazingly heterosexual.
Dave Zirin, “Caster Semenya Ain’t 8 Feet Tall”
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The story I styled and produced for PAPERMAG's April issue is now online! (Tschan Andrews)

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I think I’m in the beginning of an acting experience. I think a career is something I will look back on at the end of my life and I’m just looking for a varied experience. I wanna be challenged and thrown out of my comfort zone. That’s something that “12 Years a Slave” did for me. It really did invite me into a time in history that I had spent very little time considering on an intellectual, emotional level. And so, I hope to have such riveting experiences in the future, but I want them to be varied and different. I mean, I wanna sink my teeth into a different world very soon. I hope I get to do that. 

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her suit tho omg 

abso-fuking-lutely the suit (also everything else).

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Accepting that bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation is the same as accepting people for who they say they are, even if it goes beyond what you can understand. To deny the legitimacy of bisexuality because it is outside of our own comprehension is no better than the attitude of the many people who have dismissed homosexuality as being nothing more than a phase, a mental illness, or something that can be fixed.

As gay men and women, we do not allow anyone to deny the legitimacy or authenticity of who we are. We are a culture forged in the steadfast belief that we, as people, were born this way. In spite of the many well-organized efforts to dismiss the validity of our sexuality, we stuck to what we knew was true in our gut. So to casually dismiss bisexuals as either confused straight people or homos in hiding goes directly against the logic that we demand heterosexual naysayers to adopt.
A Second Look At Bisexuality | Tyler Curry for The Advocate  (via gaywrites)

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We love russian model Flora Kim by Victoria Janashvili

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Because women of colour experience racism in ways not always the same as those experienced by men of color and sexism in ways not always parallel to experiences of white women, antiracism and feminism are limited, even on their own terms… The failure of feminism to interrogate race means that the resistance strategies of feminism will often replicate and reinforce the subordination of people of colour, and the failure of antiracism to interrogate patriarchy means that antiracism will frequently reproduce the subordination of women

Kimberle Crenshaw in Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color (via ethiopienne)

Be aware: this is the woman who coined the term “intersectionality”.

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