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Everyday People Stories.
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Images by Cedric Nzaka.

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Natasha Lyonne for Opening Ceremony 

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Egyptian Mermaid 

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seems sensible.

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I was asked to participate in the 6 selfies thing.


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Black People hate white people for WHAT THEY DO. White people hate Black People for WHO WE ARE. That’s the difference. That is why Keke is wrong. When we hate, we’re hating the violence done unto to us. When we hate, we’re hating the system that allows for corrupt terrorists to hold more power, over an disenfranchised group. When we hate, we’re hating how our culture is mocked, and dehumanized but is then stolen and sold to us for a fee while being told we’re beneath the very culture we created. When we hate, it’s cause our Blackness is viewed as an inherent difference that is negative, and evil. Black hate is the result of white hatred. Hate Doesn’t Breed More Hate, one hate (white hate) caused and continues to cause violence, and dehumanization against a group of people. The other is logical, and emotional conditioning formed out of centuries, and present day reinforcement of Black oppression. -bitteroreo
someone who responded to dumb fuck Keke Palmer (via uptime-guarantee)

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Me & my other half <3

Come & follow us ;

Me ( in the red top) :



Models- Erika Linder and Andreja Pejic


Models- Erika Linder and Andreja Pejic

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this hair color is achieved by a unanimous bleaching process and enchanted forest by manic panic

knock yourselves out.

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